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Aeropatial AS350 Expansion

Hersteller: Nemeth Designs , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 14101
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Aeropatial AS350 Expansion Expansion Pack AS350 Ecu Download Expansion Pack AS350 Ecu Download SFr. 5.50
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Expansion Pack Aerospatiale AS 350 Ecureuil 

FSX (für FSX SE und P3Dv2 muss der Installerpfad angegeben werden)


Artikelnr.:   14101
Publisher:   Nemeth Designs
Sprache:   Englisch



...unter vielen anderen: HELI GOTTHARD

This Expansion Pack adds the following variants for our AS350 (FSX) package: 

- B3 sprayer with working sprayer system.

- B3 float with working emergency float system and large door windows.

- B3 observer with large door windows and low skids.

- B3 hoist with bottom mounted hoist system.

- B3 hoist with bottom mounted hoist system and skid baskets.

- B3 with all passenger doors removed.

To enable the emergency floats use the "JETT" switch on the collective lever or the default FSX "emergency floats" command. 

To enable the sprayer system use the FSX default "smoke system" command. 

Also, the expansion pack adds twelve more liveries, two for each new variants. 

This product requires the original Nemeth Designs Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil (FSX) and it does not function properly without it. As the original AS350 package, this product requires Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX.

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