MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 B2

MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 B2

Hersteller: Nemeth Designs , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 14110
MBB/Kawa BK-117 B2
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MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 B2  

FSX - FSX SE und P3D V4


Artikelnr.:   14110
Publisher:   Nemeth Designs
Sprache:   Englisch


It is a twin engine helicopter whose rugged but sleek design and large cabin interior provides mission versatility without sacrificing comfort.It is one of the world's leading Medevac and Search & Rescue helicopters. Besides its low vibration level in flight, the BK117 provides easy loading and unloading of stretcher patients using 2 large rear clamshell doors.

Neue Version P3D V4 !



This addon represents the B2 variant with four configurations:

- Smple passenger transport with reversed seats
- Passenger transport with extended nose sensor dome
- Medevac with extended nose sensor dome
- Medevac with winch


Some of the features:

- Full support for FSX visual features for both inside and outside(shadows, bump effect, bloom)
- High definition exterior and interior textures
- Bump and specual maps for both the exterior and interior
- Detailed and accurate 3D models- Custom exterior animations
- Animated 3D gauges for smooth gauge operations
- Working AFCS (with limitations)
- Fully interactive virtual cockpit, perfectly flyable form the VC view
- Different closeup VC camera views for better instrument and panel access
- High definition sounds by Sonicsolutions
- Realistic system procedures
- Basic 2D panel functionalities
- Tooltips
- Easy to read PDF operation manual
- Paintkit

This addon requires Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX pre-installed to run properly.


- Prepar3D V4


- FSX STEAM Edition